Welcome to the LiveVol Web API

At Cboe LiveVol we have extensive experience with market data and option analytics so it was only natural to build APIs to leverage our top-tier technology. We strive to make our APIs easy to use and have built them based on simple REST principles. We hope we've made it intuitive and have created detailed documentation that should answer any questions you might have.


Market Data

The market data API allows clients to access both real-time and historical market data. The API provides real-time data on current market prices, earnings, dividends, and other market attributes. Historical time-series data is also available.

Option Strategy Scans

The option strategy scans API generates strike specific results of various common trading strategies with real-time data for the entire market. These scans can also be customized by the client to search by specific criteria.

Option Strategy Backtesting

The backtester API allows clients to access pre-generated results for the last two years for covered calls and cash secured puts. Additionally clients can run custom backtests by specifying various parameters with data since 2004.

Getting started


A step-by-step guide on how to use OAuth 2.0 with our web services.


Code examples demonstrating use of the API

Endpoint Reference

Full documentation of all the endpoints and the data they return.